Throw the Perfect Summer Bash

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Throw the Perfect Summer Bash

This summer has been incredible thus far and we’re excited for what’s next! We’ve been gathering for community events, relaxing by the pool, and making lasting memories. At Abberly Crest, we believe it’s how you live that matters and love a fun reason to bring friends and neighbors together for a summer bash! Check out our top tips to make your event even more memorable:

Taste the Summer: The summer season gives us so many yummy fruits and veggies! Why not incorporate them into delicious recipes for your party? Your guests will love Food Network’s grilled pineapple and Country Living’s watermelon salad.  Bonus tip: your local farmers market is a convenient place to pick up all the summer produce!

Play It Cool: Is there anything better than summer weather? Head outside with your guests for some friendly competition with a variety of fun lawn games. Crowd favorites that are perfect for all ages include cornhole, do-it-yourself jumbo Jenga, and ladder toss. These games are sure to be a hit with your guests!

Party Central: There’s no better place to throw a summer bash than one of our three clubhouses! Not only are they a great place to escape the heat or a summer storm, but they offer so much to do. You can throw a watch party in the movie watching area, host a pool or foosball tournament, and so much more.

Ready to give these party tips a try? If you have your own tips for throwing the perfect summer bash, share them on our Facebook page. We hope you and your guests have a great time!

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