Apartments in Lexington Park Committed to Quality and Service

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Abberly Crest offers one and two bedroom floor plans, screened in porches, granite counter tops, and elevator access. Abberly Crest Apartment Homes was built for you. Before one home is built, we begin with a foundation of commitment to community. Just as we want you to choose Abberly Crest as your home, we chose Lexington Park to be ours. And along with this commitment, we intend to continue with the approach that our reputation is based on enhancing quality of life through innovative designs, award-winning floorplans and attentive, professional service. Whether it's a simple, yet elegant lifestyle, a community partnership, or a carefully crafted apartment home, we can not build it without the most important element. You.
But don’t just take our word for it, here is what some of our residents are saying:
"Abberly Crest! What can I say?!! Simply put, they were/are the best! I cannot even thing of a problem that i had. Or a problem that they did not solve! Great people, great personalities, great grounds and pool. Amy is dope! Helped me at every turn and she is a BIG Steelers fan like me!! We got along great! The only noise you will hear are the occasional jets from the Patuxent Base not far away. Other than that, it is quiet all the time. Casey is good to go and right by the door. Toni is ready and able to get anything squared away for you. Lastly, Jessica is in the mix as well with insight and number crunching. All great people and it was a joy meeting them and staying at The Abberly Crest Apartments for my time there working on a nearby project! Awesome! Dope!"
"Abberly Crest is the most refreshing place to live. You couldn't ask for anything better. The people are wonderful here and living conditions are the best. I would highly recommend living here. My daughter -in law were just commenting on it yesterday , saying how much it makes you feel refreshed. They offer so many things and it's a great to place to live."
"First, I'd like to say how amazing it is living in Abberly crest. The staff here is very courteous and are always eager to assist with any complaints a resident has. The ambience of Abberly Crestis just spectacular, in regards to but not limited to: aesthetically pleasing landscape, Spacious rooms, state-of-the-art gyms, and it is luxury living for an affordable price!"
"A nice complex, well maintained, conscientious staff. Dog friendly, which is great for those of us with companion pets!"
For more information on apartments in Lexington Park, MD contact Abberly Crest.

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