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It is a perfect time to live in an apartment in Lexington Park, MD and to be an NHL fan. Are you routing for the Washington Capitals?

Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals make it again to the quarter finals of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Again with a formidable opponent, last year facing the Rangers, this year they are facing the Boston Bruins. The Bruins, of course are the defending Stanley Cup Champions. However, the Capitals have been tough on the Bruins this year.
The Washington Capitals have earned themselves this spot, and are again on a quest to have their most successful season in awhile, they haven’t made it through the second round of the playoffs since 1998.

How are you celebrating and watching the game on Thursday and for the rest of the quarter finals? Let us know! Don’t forget to show your spirit by wearing your Capitals jersey around Abberly Crest.