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Simple Ways to Decorate Your Apartment

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 24, 2012

Once you have moved into your apartment in Lexington Park, MD, the next step is decorating. Of course you have a beautiful apartment, with all the apartment amenities, but if you empty corners, then it is time to decorate. You don’t want empty spaces to dominate.

One of the easiest ways to decorate empty corners is with plants. Choose plants with beautiful colored flowers, and are relaxing to look at and easy to care for.

Another idea: caddy-corner a fish tank in a corner of your room. Remember, the tank has to be cleaned regularly, so only choose to decorate with fish if you are comfortable with that task. An unhygienic tank would do more harm as a focal point than good to your room.

If you're artistic, or if you like abstract, floral, or other types of art, you could hang a picture on the wall in an empty corner with matching or contrasting lights. This would in fact accentuate the empty corner and make it more eye-catching. Artwork can be found at local artist shows or home décor stores. Some very fun art can also be found at yard sales.

A small corner book shelf or table with a decorative items like flowers, photos or other keepsakes make interesting and cozy décor that brings out your personality.

It's not always about sticking something in a corner of your apartment, but an intelligent color choice of your wall and floor could do wonders. If it's a corner that hides behind a wall, accentuate the wall, rather than the empty space.

Have fun decorating your new apartment home. Bring out your personality with your decor. Your new home should be comfortable and welcoming and look like…you.