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Renting in an Apartment Community is More Enjoyable

Joseph Coupal - Friday, October 20, 2017

Abberly Crest, Lexington Park, MDHome ownership may still be the American dream, but it is not necessarily for everyone. But there are many factors as to why people choose to rent.

A lot of people are moving from homes to apartments because of the convenience and the price point. By living in an apartment community with all of the amenities renters are looking for without having to pay the premium prices of a home, is exactly why more people are renting.

The key word there: amenities. Those are the perks of renting at a particular property provided by apartment communities. Laundry, pools, fitness centers, and 24 hour maintenance and security, are just some of the features of different apartment homes. But the list doesn't stop there.

Some of the apartment communities will come with garages, other provide social events for their residents. Many are located in downtown areas or in areas where homes are not affordable.

Location and amenities are definitely important concerns when you are deciding where to rent, but when it all comes down to it your new apartment has to fit your budget.

There are varying floor plans to fit into many budgets. Whether the renter wants a 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, or 3 bedroom there are styles to fit their needs and more importantly, their budget.

Another additional cost to keep in mind is renter's insurance, which may or may not be required by the apartment community, but is still a very good idea. Renter’s insurance is very inexpensive to get. Renter's insurance protects the renters belongings so if something like a fire does happen, they are protected, they're belongings are protected.

One last thing to look for when renting, especially when it comes to living in an apartment community, is to make sure the property is owned and operated by the same company. That helps ensure someone will be there for you, should the need arise.

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Looking for Apartment Homes in Lexington Park, MD?

Joseph Coupal - Friday, October 13, 2017

Abberly Crest apartments, Apartments in Lexington Park, MDIf you are looking for an apartment in Lexington Park, MD bordered by history and nightlife look no further than Abberly Crest Apartments. Attractive and convenient, we are minutes to shopping, dining, recreation, the Patuxent Naval Air Station, and the Chesapeake Bay. Abberly Crest also offers the unique benefit of time-saving reverse commutes along Three Notch Road. Our location is superior with quick access to NAS Gate 2 and an easy drive to all the great destinations in Southern Maryland.

We have various apartment floor plans with luxurious apartment amenities. Our one bedroom apartments range from 793 to 968 sq ft, and our two bedroom apartments range from 1058 sq ft to a spacious 1285 sq ft plan. We encourage you to make an appointment, and see what Abberly Crest and Lexington Park have to offer.

Considered a Bedroom Community of D.C. and surrounded by history, Lexington Park is home to exquisite restaurants, dynamic nightlife, historic landmarks, cultural entertainment, and recreational opportunities. We boast beautiful weather as well as local events and happenings throughout the year.

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Apartments in Lexington Park, MD Offer Luxury and Location

Joseph Coupal - Friday, October 06, 2017

Abberly Crest, Lexington Park, MDIf you are looking for a one-, two-, or three- bedroom apartment in Lexington Park, MD, stop your search at Abberly Crest Apartments.

Abberly Crest is close to shopping, dining, recreation, the Patuxent Naval Air Station and the Chesapeake Bay, Abberly Crest also offers the unique benefit of time-saving reverse commutes along Three Notch Road. Our location is superior with quick access to NAS Gate 2 and all the joys of going opposite of traffic as you travel to all the great destinations in Southern Maryland.

Our apartments in Lexington Park, MD feature an incomparable lifestyle with St. Mary’s County’s largest pool and an additional second pool with zero entry access, three interactive clubhouses with wifi, three state of the art fitness centers, coffee bar, dog park and an outdoor resident center with gas fireplace and grilling stations. You can choose from a number of innovatively designed floor plans in our prestigious community. Our spacious apartments are the perfect choice. Surrounded by delightful landscapes and things to do, you will find an apartment to reflect your lifestyle.

At Abberly Crest we have apartments designed for your lifestyle. In addition to the community we offer, our location is premier because of its quick access to D.C. and major highways.

For more information on making Abberly Crest your home, contact us.


Luxurious Apartments in Lexington Park, MD

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 29, 2017

Abberly Crest, Lexington Park, MDMaryland is a very popular area to visit and to live. Regularly receiving accolades as a wonderful place to retire, on the list of “Best States”, packed with wonderful small towns, where you can enjoy scenery and beaches, where jobs are surging, and filled with things to do. In fact, Maryland has a mild climate and so much to do. Lexington Park is a beautiful and conveniently located city with art, theater, and located near DC. Great nightlife, easy day trips, and overflowing with charm, people from all over love their decision to move here.

If you are looking for an apartment in Lexington Park, MD look no further than Abberly Crest. These luxury apartment homes have a community environment and exclusive amenities. We offer one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments along with luxury apartment community amenities.

Abberly Crest sits in an convenient retail and business community. Get a taste of the history, art, small city living and comfort along with a built-in community. This is a distinctive apartment community environment made for those seeking apartment amenities, spacious and inviting floor plans and the dedication of a committed management team.

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A House is an Expense Not an Investment

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 15, 2017

Abberly Crest, Lexington Park, MDThere has been a lot of conversation lately debating the value of housing as an investment. A case can be made that treating a house as an investment is the biggest mistake most people make in personal finance. That's why many people own houses they can't afford, and don't have sufficient financial assets to support themselves in retirement.

First and foremost, housing is a living expense. We have to pay some amount of money every month to live somewhere. Now, we will either pay it through renting a place or buying a place. But the amount spent on housing is a lifestyle expense. It's just like transportation. You have basic transportation costs to get around in life. You can either lease or buy a car, but the car is an expense, not an investment. And buying a $100,000 Mercedes isn't an investment; it's a lifestyle choice because you could have driven a used Kia or even taken the bus.

You might be thinking, "well a house is a lot different than a car, and that's not a valid comparison." Ah, but it is, because both assets are depreciating.

The house itself, the physical structure that you built or bought, is a depreciating asset, just like a car. It will age and fall apart over time unless you are constantly pumping money into it for maintenance. And the costs of maintenance and repair are expenses. Even when you pay off the mortgage, you will have costs to maintain, insure, and pay taxes on the value of that home. So the bigger the physical house, the more it will cost you to keep it. That's a fact.

By now you might be thinking, "but houses do go up in value, so how do you explain that?" Yes, they can as long as the region where you live is growing economically and you continue to maintain the home. If your region is growing, housing over the long term will roughly increase in price along with wage growth.

  • By the way, if housing prices grew faster than wages over the long term, then no one could eventually afford a house as the annual mortgage payments would be more than the average worker's total annual salary.

In most parts of the country, that means a return from housing just slightly above inflation. That's not bad, but when you offset those price increases with the costs of maintaining the home, you usually end up putting more money into the house than you get out of it. That's not much of an investment.

OK, if houses depreciate and cost money to keep up, how come some people have made lots of money on their houses? Here's the answer: what really goes up in value is the land, not the house you built. Some people get lucky with houses and end up owning homes in parts of the country that experience big increases in land values. That's why the three most important things in real estate are location, location, location. It's the land that has the potential long term value, not the physical house.

Bottom line. Houses are primarily a lifestyle expense. Necessary, but still an expense. Buy only what you can comfortably afford, and leave plenty of room in the budget to invest in financial assets that can support you in retirement.

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CBS News

Renting an Apartment in Retirement

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 08, 2017

Abberly Crest, Lexington Park, MDIf you assume it’s better to own your home once you retire, you may want to consider the alternative. Renting an apartment in Lexington Park, MD can be a better choice, depending on your circumstances and goals.

Just over 80 percent of American householders age 65 and older own their homes. Many retirees want to stay close to friends and family and prefer the stability of home ownership. Others hope to see home values rise before selling, or plan to take out a reverse mortgage.

Renting offers its own benefits:

  • Flexibility. Many retirees plan to relocate at some point, perhaps to be closer to family members in other cities, or just to enjoy a different part of the country, perhaps with more sunshine and golf courses. If you’re not ready to move yet, you may simplify matters by selling your home now and moving into an apartment locally. When you are ready to make the big move it will be much simpler, as you have already sold your house. On the other end, when you do move you may want to rent an apartment in the new city to make sure you are happy living there before making it permanent.
  • Simplicity. Owning a home comes with lots of responsibilities, from mowing the lawn and shoveling snow from the sidewalk to painting the exterior and replacing the roof. Some folks want to keep doing those things as long as they are physically able, but if you’re tired of the time and expense, renting frees you from all of these tasks.
  • Liquidity. From a financial standpoint, renting vs. owning can be a complex question involving taxes and other long-term issues, so it’s a good idea to discuss it with a financial adviser. In general, renting can be a good alternative to having much of your retirement savings tied up in a house. At the same time, you eliminate all the costs of home ownership such as maintenance and property taxes. A bonus advantage is that you will no longer be carrying that large mortgage debt.

If you are considering downsizing, it may pay to look into renting vs. owning, especially if you’re not sure how long you will stay in a new location. You don’t want to pay closing costs to buy a new home and then move again in two to three years. At any rate, these issues should be resolved within the context of your overall financial plan.

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Excerpts – New Haven Register

Renting May Now Looks Better Than Before

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, August 31, 2017

Abberly Crest, Lexington Park, MDMillennials locked out of the housing market have this consolation: House prices have shot up so quickly that the financial advantage of being a homeowner is fast eroding in many of the most expensive U.S. cities.

"While it’s often a better deal to buy, the economic benefit has narrowed to the point that in some places, for some households, the decision to rent or buy a home may be too close to call," says Cheryl Young, an economist at real estate data company Trulia, which tracks the comparative advantage of home-ownership in the 100 largest U.S cities.

The shift has come because home prices and interest rates have risen recently, while rents have largely stagnated.

To be sure, owning remains at least a bit cheaper than renting in all 100 of the major cities on Trulia's list.

Yet that difference has narrowed sharply from last year, when owners were paying roughly 41% less than renters.

In some popular cities, moreover, the homeowner advantage is close to being erased.

And it wouldn't take that much to erase those homeowner price advantages altogether, the Trulia data shows. Even a 22% difference could be eliminated if home prices continue to outpace rents -- or if interest rates rise.

For instance, Trulia's calculations are based on the current average 30-year mortgage rate of 4.1%. If rates climbed 2.7 percentage points to 6.8%, the current homeowner advantage would disappear completely, Trulia found.

That's not necessarily an outlandish scenario. While mortgage rates have remained low since the 2008 financial crisis, rates around 7% are much closer to the historical norm. Federal Reserve officials, whose control of short-term interest rates gives them some sway over mortgage prices, expect those short-term rates to rise roughly two to three percentage points over the next few years.

Trulia's rent vs. buy calculations are based on median homes value and rental prices for April 2017. Trulia also assumed homeowners took out a 30-year mortgage covering 80% of a property's value and lived in the property for seven years.

That seven-year assumption is key, because there is one scenario where it's often cheaper to rent than buy: when you plan to stay in a home for just a couple of years. In that case one-time costs like the real estate agent's commission and closing costs loom larger -- and you benefit less from your home's appreciation.

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Moving to Lexington Park, MD?

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 25, 2017

Abberly Crest, Lexington Park, MDLooking to move to Lexington Park , MD? Below is  everything you want to know about the key factors that could make this the best place for you. Let’s start with the basics: Lexington Park , MD is located in St. Mary's County . It has a population of 12,642, and households that rent are 39.5%, and the median rent is $1,259.

What about cost of living in Lexington Park , MD? The median income in Lexington Park , MD is $65,613, this should give you a pretty good idea of its affordability.

Things to Do in Lexington Park, MD

Lexington Park , MD offers a bevy of can’t-miss things to do, from attending special events, to getting involved in the arts and learning about local history; to dining at independent restaurants and staying active at area parks.

So you want to move to Lexington Park , MD, but aren’t sure if you can afford the housing costs? Here’s what you need to know: The median home price in Lexington Park is $229,400, while the median rent for a one bedroom apartment is $1259 . The median salary in Lexington Park , MD is $65,613 and depending on how yours compares, it should help you determine which housing option is best for you.

Business and Economy in Lexington Park, MD

Being a great place to live also means being a great place to work. A thriving economy helps the tax base (so there’s more money for city improvements) and helps a city attract and retain talent. For more information on apartments in Lexington Park, MD, contact Abberly Crest.


Reasons to Move to Maryland

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, August 17, 2017

Abberly Crest, Lexington Park, MDMaryland may be the 9th smallest state, but don’t let that deter you from moving here—it’s home to the best crabs in the world, great sports teams and beautiful landscapes. Plus, its position right next to our nation’s capital allows residents all the perks of D.C. without the pricey living.

1. Experience Ocean Life At the National Aquarium

There’s something fishy about Maryland, which is home to one of the best aquariums in the states. The award-winning National Aquarium in Baltimore has more than 17,000 specimens to keep you busy. An open ocean shark tank and a multiple-story Atlantic coral reef rank among the most popular exhibits for guests and residents alike.

2. There's No Shortage of Fresh Blue Crabs

Maryland natives never tire of eating crabs, whether they’re freshly caught and doused in Old Bay seasoning or mixed into one of their famous crab cakes. Because of the state’s proximity to the Chesapeake Bay, there’s no shortage of fresh blue crabs. It’s an unspoken rule here that you must know how to properly pick and eat a crab, so pick up your crab mallet and get crackin!

3. It Won't Make A Huge Dent in Your Wallet

Location, location, location. Maryland is right next to D.C., yet you don’t have to deal with all the extra expenses that come with living in the area. Many folks choose to live in the more affordable Maryland and commute to work in our nation’s capital. According to NerdWallet, Eldersburg is one of the most affordable cities in Maryland with a sizeable median household income of $101,663.

4. Maryland Has It All When It Comes to the Great Outdoors

Maryland is in that sweet spot when it comes to hanging out outdoors. It has all four seasons, plus it has your mountains, beaches, farms and big cities, so there’s something for everyone. Sink your toes into the sandy shores of the Chesapeake Bay or mountain bike along the Blue Ridge Mountains.

5. It's Birdtown, USA

Maryland is home to two world class sports teams: The Orioles and the Baltimore Ravens. From football season to baseball season, Maryland residents bleed purple and orange and come together as a state to cheer on their beloved teams. And it’s no wonder they cheer—the Ravens have qualified for the NFL playoffs a huge 10 times since 2000.

6. Booming Job Market

Maryland’s economy continues to be one of the best in the nation, and this leads to a vast array of job opportunities, especially in the tech and trade industries. Maryland is home to many federal agencies such as the National Institute of Health and the Goddard Space Flight Center, and its prime location on the Eastern seaboard makes jobs in these industries plentiful.

7. It's Home to the Best Hospital in America

You’ll feel a little better living near the nation’s (and one of the world’s) highest-rated hospital, Johns Hopkins. For 21 years, Johns Hopkins Hospital was ranked No. 1 on U.S. News and World Report’s annual list. Residents in Baltimore and all across the state have access to world-class care at Johns Hopkins, which also happens to be a top employer of the state.

8. This Tiny State is Rich in History

As one of the 13 original colonies, Maryland is steeped in history. At one point in time, two of Maryland’s biggest cities, Baltimore and Annapolis, were dubbed our nation’s capital. Also note: The mysterious Edgar Allan Poe called the Old Line State his home before he was buried in Baltimore and wrote nevermore.

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Should Millennials Rent or Own?

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 11, 2017

Abberly Crest Apartments in Lexington Park, MDThere are many great debates in American pop culture.

Tupac or Biggie? Boyz II Men or Dru Hill? LeBron or Jordan? Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?

One of the most intriguing debates finding traction in the world of Millennials and finance is the debate of whether to buy a home or to continue renting.

The Great Recession

Upon my graduating from Syracuse University in 2010, I was welcomed into the working world during the heart of The Great Recession. Caused in large part due to a bubble in home values and irresponsible subprime loans, The Great Recession left a scar on the hearts and minds of Millennials over what it means to own a home.

Seeing the incredible loss of value in homes during that period and shouldering a collective $1.4 trillion dollars in student loan debt, many millennials are asking whether it’s responsible to sign-up for an immovable asset and 30-year mortgage tied to owning a home.

A Case for Renting

The Millennial generation is the “own nothing” generation. You can rent a car from the curb nearest you. You can hail a taxi using an app and get a ride to brunch in a car you do not own. I’ve heard there’s a website that allows you to rent tools from nearby neighbors. Even companies founded in more recent years are making strides to own less to reduce or eliminate overhead.

A shift has happened wherein Millennials are considerate of the fact that ownership implies liability, and liability often means added costs.

Renting an apartment or home offers you the benefit of not being responsible for breakdowns or repairs. Renting provides a fixed monthly cost to factor into your monthly budget that does not change based on repairs or failure of appliances. For many, this lack of long-term responsibility presents peace-of-mind in not having to be concerned about the long-term welfare of your living space. It also absolves you from the imperative of maintaining your living space for the sake of keeping and increasing its value.

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